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Aggiornamento: 30 nov 2022

Here we are with a new venture at! By request of our foreign readers (coming from all over Europe!), we are going to publish some book reviews in English!

( Disclaimer: unfortunately some of these books are only available in English). Hoping you are going to like it, Happy Reading from all of us at!!!!


Among all the different ways of travelling around the world, long-distance train travel is surely one of the most interesting but, unfortunately, it is also one of the less used nowadays.

I mean, why bother to spend 26 hours on a train from Washington D.C. to New Orleans when you can easily take a 3-hour flight? The answer, my dear readers, lies in the people you’ll meet on the train. People of any kind, that could treat you nicely or could make you feel really uncomfortable. You could also meet people that will become dear friends, but you might as well meet extremely creepy guys, whose memory could give you nightmares when you’ll least expect it. The things is, you’ll never know unless you try.

Among the critics that this book has received, undeservedly in my opinion, the most common is that Monisha Rajesh, the author of the book, writes too much about the people and not enough about the landscapes or the places she visits. While this might be true, we have to keep in mind that the author chose to travel in a way that, sooner or later, would have led her to meet lots of people from different countries, continents and cultures, so it is inevitable that her book contains a lot of the exchanges that the author experienced while travelling from one place to another. Without considering that it would be impossible to describe properly every place the author mentions in only 318 pages!

Before you start asking yourself “Why bother to read this book if it doesn’t talk about places?”, let me remind you how interesting people can be, and how fascinating it is to read about them! Especially nowadays since we all know how difficult can be to meet new people and discover new places. Might as well give the book a try ;)

Unfortunately, this book is only available in English but, if you are one of those people who are able to read it, you are in for an extraordinary trip, around the world, in 80 surprising trains. Happy Reading!


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